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Why Customer Relationship Care is Better than Customer Relationship Management

relationship care

All illness, care, and healing processes occur in relationship—relationships of an individual with self and with others. Relationship-centered care (RCC) is an. The relationship between company and customer isn't complicated from the customer's point of view. All the company needs to do is provide service. The type of. Jul 13, American Express' 3 stages of Customer Relationship Care.. American Express recently reported that their customer satisfaction rates have.

They found that the law students exhibited heightened levels of depression on days they reported receiving support, but lowered levels of depression on the days when their partners reported providing more support than the law students reported receiving.

Caring in intimate relationships

That is, participants in this study gained most psychological benefits from support they were not explicitly aware of having received. However, other researchers have argued that the responsiveness of enacted support is a more important factor than the visibility of the support.

  • Why Customer Relationship Care is Better than Customer Relationship Management

Secure base function of caregiving[ edit ] See also: Michelangelo phenomenon Definition and functions[ edit ] In addition to giving support and reassurance during distress, another important function of caregiving within intimate relationships is the provision of support for a relationship partner's personal growth, exploration, and goal strivings.

This can include actions such as removing obstacles to the partner's goal pursuit for example, taking over some household chores to free up time for the partner to engage in a new activitybeing sensitive and responsive to the partner's communications of distress, and communicating readiness to help in the event that support becomes needed. Second, effective caregiving does not unnecessarily interfere with exploration. That is, effective caregivers do not provide support when it is neither needed nor desired, attempt to take over or control the activity, or disrupt the partner's goal strivings.

relationship care

Third, partners should communicate encouragement and acceptance of exploration i. Partners' communications of enthusiasm are related to better performance, heightened enthusiasm, better mood, increases in state self-esteem, enhanced self-perceptions, greater enjoyment, and more positive feelings toward the partner.

Dependency paradox[ edit ] All humans have a fundamental, evolutionarily-rooted need to feel socially connected to other people i. Specifically, receipt of such support increases feelings of trust and the endorsement of a more prosocial orientation i. Active-constructive responses clearly communicate enthusiasm for the positive event, passive-constructive responses express support in a quiet, understated way, active-destructive responses squash the event and the partner's enthusiasm e.

Customer relationship management CRM applications seem like a dream come true for many companies. They provide insight to customer behavior improving marketing effectiveness while reducing costs.

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They were never designed to replace service, only to enhance it. Unfortunately, many companies had poor service before adding CRM. They apparently thought that the new shiny tool replaced the need to care about their customers. They forgot that customers are people. They have unique opinions, needs, wants, likes, and dislikes, but one thing is universal.

relationship care

All they need or want from a company relationship is service. The combination of CRM and high quality service improves customer loyalty, company growth, and bottom line profitability.

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I call it customer relationship care CRC. It requires the integration of marketing and service with a focus on the customer experience.

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Implementing a CRC strategy requires that the marketing team work closely with the customer care team to identify bottlenecks, policies, and processes that reduce service quality.

Everything a company does provides some sort of service for the customer whether it is a marketing campaign, answering questions, or delivering products. When team members start seeing their functions within the organization as serving their customers, it is a game changing event.