Relationship funny mishaps

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relationship funny mishaps

So each week, we round up the most hilarious character quips from . If You Want A Better Relationship In The New Year, Read This. Didn't happen. Maybe if he hadn't whined the whole time I could have had fun too ." - Redditor . I just got out of a bad relationship.'" - Redditor. From Disney disasters to beach flops, your most memorable (i.e., hilarious!) family travel snafus.

When the tone of the threat is playful, or the setting safe, a violation that might otherwise elicit sadness or fear instead leads to laughter.

relationship funny mishaps

What transforms these threatening violations into harmless jokes, according to the theory, is psychological distance. That distance comes in four varieties.

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In the benign-violation theory, a joke fails or succeeds depending on its unique blend of moral threat, emotional safety, and psychological distance. Psychological distance is one way by which to hit that sweet spot.

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They found evidence for this tendency across five experiments. For one test, they showed pairs of scenarios to study participants who rated each situation for its level of threat and humor. One of these scenarios involved a young girl who knows that her father has lost his job and that her family is having money problems.

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In response, the girl decides to sell her virginity on eBay. In the paired scenario, the same girl responds to this crisis by selling her jewelry on eBay. Virtually no test participants considered this behavior a violation — but none considered it funny either.

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Simply put, people were much more likely to find a situation funny if it simultaneously threatened their conventional notions without striking them as too severe. In the follow-up paper, published inMcGraw and a bigger research team demonstrated how psychological distance shapes a moral violation into benign form.

What they discovered is that distance governs humor in two ways.

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For grave tragedies, lots of psychological distance is needed to render the situation harmless enough to be funny. Smaller mishaps, which start out relatively benign, must have only a little distance to maintain enough threat to be humorous.

relationship funny mishaps

Once again McGraw and colleagues ran five experiments to study their theory. One test, a thought experiment, focused on the temporal component of psychological distance. The researchers first asked test participants which situation they were likely to find funnier: Employees who forge good relationships and have a good time working together are more productive and have a better attitude about work.

Creating an environment where colleagues can have fun, while using caution not to offend anyone or disrupt workflow, can help increase morale for the entire staff. Add Fun to Every Day When fun is built into the work day, it encourages employees to build relationships with each other in an ongoing fashion. Introduce a daily joke or trivia exchange between employees at the start of each day, or to launch department meetings.

Post appropriate jokes or brainteasers in the break room and offer a simple reward to the first employee who gets the right answer.

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Hold a contest for the best photo caption assigned to random images taken from the local newspaper. Hold Meetings Someplace New Instead of meeting in your conference room, combine your next staff or department meeting with a trip to a bowling alley, paintball field or video game arcade. This change of pace will get people out of their comfortable routine and encourage a bit of lighthearted competition.

Meeting work will still get done, but in a fun environment.

relationship funny mishaps

Encourage each employee pair to stand up and introduce one another to the rest of the staff during a meeting or staff function. Everyone in the office will learn something new or unusual about their colleagues in a fun and informal setting.