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relationship guidance by sensei tracker

In this excerpt from "Discussions on Youth", SGI President Daisaku Ikeda discusses the How can we best navigate the emotions of romantic relationships? gazing at each other, but two people looking ahead together in the same direction. PRESIDENT IKEDA'S GUIDANCE ON FAMILY DISCORD: In his speech at the Kagawa Prefecture Email or Phone, Password . “In the end, the only way to heal these rifts in human relationships is through our Buddhist practice—that is. In this excerpt from "Hope is a Decision," Daisaku Ikeda, the founding president of Forgot email or password? . A truly warm human relationship—how much in the way of hope and courage and conviction it is capable of giving! . When we change our inner determination, everything begins to move in a new direction .

Now you need to decide whether you want to get married to him or not. Its important to see things in positive way.

Relationship – Chant for a Better Life

Through this challenge I am going to become stronger in faith and have a happy marriage. If something goes wrong then we should not get scarred by it and crushed by our circumstances. We should do out Human revolution in both good times and bad times as Human Revolution is the essence of our practice. Use the victories of the present as momentum for your future victories. Example, look at Sensei, he chants and he a warmest, friendliest person. That actually made me think in the other directions that actually in reality I have not gained anything of crucial importance in my life through this practice I was still struggling with the basics.

What nailed me was that after I returned from the Ashram my fortune truly changed. While in practice my financial karma had become so bad that I remember I was left with just 2 pairs of trousers and after a meeting on one of the Sundays I realized that my only pair of jeans was torn. That day I felt so helpless because I was very tied down financially and even with the new months salary coming in because of prior commitments I would have practically nothing left to buy new clothes I felt so helpless that I started crying.

Can you imagine a women of 28 years with a decent family and all the family support, could have experienced this in faith. Anyways after I returned from the Ashram to my utter surprise my father transferred a huge sum of money in my account and since then even though I have not joined work there has been no issues with money plus I have a substantial amount in saving. Its been more than an year now.

Not only that I have been struggling with acne practically all my life but in the last 3 years the situation had become uncontrollably and surprisingly there was no medical cause for it all my tests came as negative. Yet my face use to be full of big horrible acne and nothing worked no amount of chanting helped me.

Since the time I came back from the ashram the conditions has improved drastically even though I have not practiced Yoga since I have come back and continue to be heavier than what I was before and I smoke. Only a woman can understand my trauma how low and self conscious I must have felt. How come the acnes are under control now when my lifestyle is just the same a little worse infact.

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Also all the problems that we experienced in her marriage in terms of arrangement and all where the ones against which I had asked for protection yet they were all there. The icing on the cake was I was made to believe that probably a greater karmic retribution was entail for me in the form of some gross illness and because of chanting it has manifested as just acne.

What is Love? (guidance by Daisaku Ikeda on relationships and romantic love) Buddhism

The third and most tormenting struggle of my life had been to overcome a relationship karma I experienced with a friend who too was a SGI member.

He was gay and we had a very fun and unadulterated relationship. However overtime like in many other things in life issues cropped up and we went our separate ways. But the trouble was I could not forget him. He continued to live in my memories which became stronger with each passing day.

Subconsciously I knew very well that he had behavioral issues according to my standards of friendship and I would be better off without a friend than to have someone l doubt. No matter how much I chanted to forget and forgive him I could not do it. I completely gave myself to practice thinking that it would alleviate my sufferings and I would get all the answers one day. Nothing close to it happened and I suffered 4 long years questioning each day.

guidance on beautiful relationship

However since I came back from the Ashram I completely forgot about all this crap. Now how this happened without chanting about it. Though I am a hindu by birth before the ashram I had never ever done any ritualistic prayer in my entire life neither did anyone in my house. We did not know a single mantra to save our life yet I could feel the difference and actual proof. Lighting a lamp in front of our family altar was also a task I use to do half heartedly believing that its chanting to the Gohonzon thats most important.

Ofcourse they will completely deny such things and say that I decided it not them but seriously how many spiritual and religious practice can you humanely keep up with in a day. However why the Ashram was an eye opener in the true sense was not because of the benefits I got but the way things worked there that made me think.

This particular ashram is quite popular and has branches all over the world. I was at the headquarters. I was shocked to see foreigners from all over the world there leaving behind career, families responsibilities etc etc. These foreigners had willingly given all they had to be in the ashram with their Guru working hours in a day, eating simple food and living austere lives, happily tolerating Indian harsh summers and the course is quite expensive not free or anything.

It made me think that unless a person takes a conscious decision and I trust he or she is a person who is reasonably well adjusted decide to renounce the world and take complete Sanyas, leaving all behind to live in selusion for 3 golden years of your live and then to go back to normal life, will it actually make them any better and wiser human beings than you and me.

If you ask me honestly majority of the students there seemed quite stressed and derailed in their respective lives and a lot of them had behavioral issues. I realized people seeking excessive spiritual growth through these cults are not normal. Do we ever chant Bibble, Bibble, bibble or Quran, Quran, Quran or Ramayana, Ramaya, Ramayan then why are we chanting the title of The Lotus Sutra and have decided that this is the biggest mantra humanity know about.

Explains why we have not received any conspicuous benefit out of the practice because it is not correct. In which of our other religions are we asked to chant or pray for hours at length to get the benefits. Infact in everything else in life we are told excess of anything is bad howcome not in SGI. Even in Yoga you are discouraged to practice too much but chanting is another ball game. If your prayers are to be answered they will be without adhering to any cult or excessive spiritual practice and for some reason if they are not to be answered they will not be no matter how much do you pray.

I say to them please go get a life. After all, few people would advocate learning to drive by continually crashing the car. This is why chanting is so vital.

relationship guidance by sensei tracker

This is because romantic love is all too often a manifestation of the world of Rapture, which is, by definition, short-lived. The passing of the rapturous phase does not necessarily mean that the couple will have stopped loving each other — although some people think this is what has happened and can get very worried — but that other aspects of the Ten Worlds have come to the fore.

In other words, the Tranquility that attracted her has begun to repel her. It is in this confrontation with the reality of two people living their daily life together that the wisdom of Buddhism once again reveals itself.

Buddhism recognizes the full force of the negative side of life in relationships and consciously seeks to use it in a positive way, as the words of guidance given at the SGI-UK wedding service show: Through their united resolve before the Gohonzon to create a wonderfully harmonious yet essentially progressive unit of society, founded on the rock of their deep respect for each others lives, [husband and wife] draw out from each other the three poisons of anger, greed and stupidity which might otherwise afflict their family life with misery for their lifetime.

In other words, by committing ourselves to a life of close intimacy with another person, the three poisons are drawn to the surface of our lives so that we can see them clearly and then, by taking them to the Gohonzon, chant about and eventually transform them. The wedding guidance continues: At the same time, through their victory in this struggle, they are able to send out waves of peace and friendship, not only to the community which immediately surrounds them, but the whole country and the whole world.

This, too is an important point, for while it is necessary for two people to confront and overcome the problems they have between them, a healthy relationship is not one which is forever turned in on itself in self-absorption.

relationship guidance by sensei tracker

Rather, by looking outwards to the contribution it can make as a unit to society, it is forever being stimulated, fed and refreshed.