Relationship ladder system

OSA | Relationship between two- and three-photon coherence in a ladder-type atomic system

relationship ladder system

Relationship between two- and three-photon coherence in a ladder-type Atomic coherence effects in four-wave mixing process of a ladder-type atomic system. The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other. It also covers such topics as why women sometimes just. So it should be self-evident, if you are following this at all, that the people you want to have sex with the most will be at the top of the ladder. Descending down to.

See g 6 and Fig. All ladders, appurtenances, and fastenings shall be designed to meet the following load requirements: Materials other than steel, aluminum, and wood are acceptable provided the design, fabrication, and erection are in accordance with recognized design practice and meet the design requirements of Section c and Section d 11 when applicable. Manholes and Underground Vaults. Step spacing shall not exceed 16 inches between the top surfaces of rungs and shall be uniform throughout the length of the ladder.

The vertical distance of the first rung from ground level may be as high as 14 inches.

Relationship between two- and three-photon coherence in a ladder-type atomic system.

Clear length of rungs or cleats shall not be less than 14 inches. A suggested design for metal rungs is shown in Fig. Side rails which might be used as a climbing aid shall be of such cross sections as to afford adequate gripping surface without sharp edges, splinters, or burrs. Fastenings shall be an integral part of fixed ladder design. All splices made by whatever means shall meet design requirements as noted in c.

All splices and connections shall have smooth transition with original members and with no sharp or extensive projections. Adequate means shall be employed to protect dissimilar metals from electrolytic action when such metals are joined. All welding shall be in accordance with procedures of the American Welding Society, or equivalent.

Individual rungs of ladders installed in manholes and underground vaults having a wall thickness which will not permit at least 6 inches of embedment shall have anchoring devices that will provide the minimum design load requirements of Section c in addition to the following requirements: A The minimum design live load shall be a single concentrated load of pounds.

relationship ladder system

B Steps or rungs shall be embedded in the wall a minimum distance of 3 inches. Metal ladders and appurtenances shall be painted or otherwise treated to resist corrosion and rusting when location demands. Ladders formed by individual metal rungs imbedded in concrete, which serve as access to pits and to other areas under floors, are frequently located in an atmosphere that causes corrosion and rusting.

To increase rung life in such atmosphere, individual metal rungs shall have a minimum diameter of 1 inch or shall be painted or otherwise treated to resist corrosion and rusting. Wood ladders, when used under conditions where decay may occur, shall be treated with a nonirritating preservative, and the details shall be such as to prevent or minimize the accumulation of water on wood parts.

Wood ladders shall not be painted but may be coated with a clear sealant after inspection has assured that all requirements of have been met. Paint does not act as a wood preservative. When different types of materials are used in the construction of a ladder, the materials used shall be so treated as to have no deleterious effect, one upon the other.

See g 2 and Fig. Fixed ladders in smooth-walled wells shall be excepted from the provisions of 1but shall conform to the provisions of g 6. The clearance from the center line of rungs or steps shall not be less than 5 inches. At those locations where unavoidable obstructions are encountered, minimum clearances shall be as shown in Figure 6. Grab bars shall not protrude on the climbing side beyond the rungs of the ladder which they serve. The distance from the center line of rungs or cleats to the edge of the hatch opening on the climbing side shall be not less than 24 inches for offset wells or 30 inches for straight wells.

There shall be no protruding potential hazards within 24 inches of the center line of rungs or cleats; any such hazards within 30 inches of the center line of the rungs or cleats shall be fitted with deflector plates placed at an angle of 60 degrees from the horizontal as indicated in Fig. The relationship of a fixed ladder to an acceptable hatch cover is illustrated in Fig.

Cages or wells shall be built as shown on the applicable drawings, covered in detail in Figs. Chimney ladders and manholes and underground vaults. Cages or wells conforming to the dimensions shown in Figs.

Fixed ladders on fire hose drying towers are not required to have a cage, well, offset platform, or ladder safety device if they do not exceed 30 feet in length and provided their use is restricted to trained fire fighters or others equally trained in ladder use. Fixed ladders on outdoor advertising structures covered by Article Ladders equipped with ladder safety systems as provided under subsection m.

Cages shall extend a minimum of 42 inches above the top of landing, unless other acceptable protection is provided. Cages shall extend down the ladder to a point not less than 7 feet nor more than 8 feet above the base of the ladder, with the bottom flared not less than 4 inches. When the ladder terminates on a landing platform or walkway at an elevation greater than 30 inches above the ground, a ladder cage extension shall be provided from the bottom of the cage to the top of the guardrail when the distance from the plane of the ladder rungs to the guardrail is equal to or less than that shown in Figure 11, "Ladder Cages at Elevated Locations.

B The ladder cage extension or equivalent shall be constructed as follows: Definitely do not start Tweeting or embarrassing your brand on Facebook we'll do that in a bit. Focus on the mobile experience. Because of this lovely graph from Business Insider and it's representation platforms people use to visit top destinations…. Focus on mobile like crazy, tablets in particular. Don't be like IBM's tablet experience old, substantially brand negative.

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relationship ladder system

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relationship ladder system

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The Ladder Theory - Ladder Construction

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From step five on you were likely already delivering some multi-channel value for your company. Some of your micro-outcomes were likely already connected to your offline existence maps, phone calls, offer redemptions, etc. Now in step eight, we really kick things up multiple notches when it comes to creating a truly fantastic multi-channel or the flavor of the month, omni-channel execution engine.

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Ladder theory of sexual relationships

Now is the time to undertake that work. Not in step three. Definitely not in step one. Step eight after you've gotten the first seven things done. The last step before nirvana, step nine, is to focus on getting better at loyalty marketing. I have a higher standard for who our customer is. Have a completely separate and focused set of people and work to deliver joy and delight to these entities. It is the only recipe for long term sustainable success. Now you know the nine steps to nirvana.

And you know exactly the order in which you should consider prioritizing your efforts. If you do step five before two, you can. But your success will be much more limited. Ileana Weinstein The Ladder Theory is a controversial social formula for simplifying attractions between men and women. It posits that each man has a subconscious sliding scale, or ladder, which ranks every woman he meets on how much he would like to have sex with her.

Women, on the other hand, have two ladders for ranking men: Since a man has only one ladder, the theory states that heterosexual men and women can never be friends. Young man and woman on date at bar Meet Singles in your Area! Ladder Theory has since become a social ideology, or way of thinking about behavior, that now has its own web pages, blog commentary, followers and critics. When members of the opposite sex meet, each person rates the other for sexual attractiveness.

This rating places a person on a ranking system called a ladder.