Relationship one lead capture app for ipad

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relationship one lead capture app for ipad

No Comments on The 7 Best Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows On the downside, it doesn't have a plugin or compatibility with Customer Relationship Another customisable app for iOS and one that collects a wide. Download Overpass - Lead Capture and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Work offline or online and sync whenever a WiFi or data connection is available. Request a CSV of all transcribed leads directly to your email with a single tap. Research the #1 lead capture app and lead retrieval app! No more expensive lead retrieval units. Collect data at events or out in the field. Learn more!.

Or some combination of the above? Some ideas to think about when setting up your forms: What type of information are you looking to collect? Basic contact details or in-depth, qualifying lead data? Perhaps run two different option of the same form? Can you use logic within the form to set up dynamic fields?

relationship one lead capture app for ipad

Our Customer Success team are always on hand to advise and provide assistance when creating your forms for the event, so feel free to drop us a line.

The Akkroo app can work offline so there is no need to worry about patchy wifi or mobile network signal once you arrive at the show.

Getting buy-in from all involved Our customers who benefit most from using Akkroo are those who have carried out training and have buy-in from all parties involved; from the staff who are going to be using Akkroo at the trade show itself through to senior decision makers with a view of the bigger picture benefits. We always advise reiterating the benefits of using Akkroo amongst the whole team: The benefit of accurate, reliable and detailed qualifying lead data has on sales The speed in which leads can be worked promptly after a show with tailored follow ups The fact that Akkroo allows you to instantly distribute sales and promotional material to your leads via email The end to any conversations post-event asking who met which lead or had what conversation with who!

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The longer term ability to accurately measure return on investment of trade show attendance Akkroo enables you to access your lead data either in real-time when working online or immediately following the trade show when working offline so there will be no delays in your post-show follow up. We can also integrate with your existing CRM or customer database to further speed up the process. During the show Hand-held or kiosk mode? There are a few more considerations here than simply sticking an iPad in front of a potential customer and asking them to complete a form.

If your staff are going to be holding the iPads and entering lead data themselves whilst speaking to a customer, ensure you have a suitable handheld case for the iPads to make this process an easy one. Consider providing your staff with an iPad stylus too to speed up their data entry into the Akkroo form.

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Incentives or competitions These can work well at trade shows to encourage delegates to submit their data. You may have some kind of activity going on on your stand that requires delegates to submit their details in order to take part; or consider running a competition to encourage participation.

Use the full-page splash screen within Akkroo to show off your promotional message for a competition or incentive.

relationship one lead capture app for ipad

As it works even offline, you have the needed flexibility to carry out your work without any interruption. The app unifies CRM and business processes to bolster your productivity.

You can instantly access all the pivotal data, existing customizations and manage them effectively using a number of productivity tools.

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Collaborate with your colleagues and keep a track of your performance. With the custom notifications, you will be able to remain alert about the latest updates and advance your deals. The app learns who is important to you and reminds you of important things so that you remain at pace. Once you have ideally set up Cloze, it keeps track of your emails, phone calls, notes and follow-ups to keep you in perfect sync with everything that matters to you.

Hence, you can manage your projects and deals a bit more conveniently.

relationship one lead capture app for ipad

Bring your entire contacts in one place, keep them updated and also organize them based on several crucial things like when you talked and location, etc.

You can also schedule emails to be sent later. CRM and sales tracking For taking control of sales and managing customer data on the go, this one is up to the mark. You can use this app to keep track of all the business opportunities and hot deals.

And with the better insight, you will bolster your sales win rate. The app lets you quickly access the entire information of your customers so that you will contact them anytime and anywhere. One notable feature of this app is that it provides you the suggestions to focus on vital aspects. Even better, you can make to-do lists and notes never to forget to do an important task. You can create custom fields, attach documents to every contact and set follow-ups efficiently. It also lets you track your customer and client relationship and helps you improve it.

You can view the map of all of your contacts with the color-coding options.

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You will be able to set up email templates with merge tags to quickly send personalized emails. Highrise Highrise is yet another resourceful CRM app primarily designed for small businesses. The contact management tool makes it a lot convenient to keep your team organized and focused towards the goal. You can collaborate with your team on contacts, emails, notes and other necessary things. Besides, it lets you share an address book with your entire team and track the task readily.

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Set reminders to remain fine-tuned with everything you need to do. Everything you want to access is right on your fingertip to assist you in getting the task done smoothly. The dashboards give you the right insight about key sales metrics and trends.