Relationship with brother in law islam

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relationship with brother in law islam

Talking to brother in law - Encyclopedia of searchable Islamic Questions The relation of Al-Hamu (non-mehram male in-laws of the wife) are such that in-spite . This Ayah is complemented by Ayah 23 of Surat An-Nisa'. Together, both Ayahs strictly whitelist all those who are considered Mahram to a. Zina with brother in law - Istakhara - Encyclopedia of real Islamic question and a relationship has formed between him and I and has been for quite a while.

As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you I am not sure if you are still answering questions, however I will still ask as I can't see anything that indicates otherwise.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone that is involved in this site, I have learnt much already from just reading for a few minutes. I have come across this site looking for information that will help me make a decision in my life.

I am hoping that you will respond to my question to my email address only please. I have performed Istikhara for the past 3 nights and know that Allah SWT is all knowing and am ready to accept whatever it is He knows is best for me. I am in a situation where I know have done alot wrong and hurt my family alot. I really want to do the right thing and would like to know what that is islamically. My sisters husband and I are in love, and I write this with great difficulty for I understand how inappropriate that is to even think about and to take action on it must seem even worse.

I can only say that it has just happened, but I do understand that it's also been a choice to go ahead with it. They have 2 children who I love dearly and would never want to hurt. I never intended to hurt or betray my sister in one of the worst ways possible, but it has happened and a relationship has formed between him and I and has been for quite a while.

My sister and her husband do not share the same room and have not for a while also. My sister and my parents knows about him and I. It has come to a point where I know this has to stop and he needs to either get a divorce and we get married, I do not know if it is right for him to leave one woman for another.

If he does get a divorce then my sister will most likely never marry again and both our families will disown us, family is important to us, as unbeliveable as it may sound considering what path we have taken, and we do not want to hurt or lose them, we don't want to break family ties, I don't know how to fix this situation. We don't know if we can be happy knowing we have hurt and left our families and I don't think we'd be happy without each other.

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I know what we have done is not good but we are not bad people and do want to do what is right but we want to be happy too. Can you see what the right thing to do is? There may be some grammatical and spelling errors in the above statement.

relationship with brother in law islam

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Sister, both of you have been involved in the grave sin of zina. The punishment for which in this world is stoning to death. By the severity of the punishment one should comprehend how sinful the act is. Your brother-in-law plays with your emotions.

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You do not have to agree with what he is saying. This is a choice you will have to make yourself. Do not let him force you to do anything that you know is completely against Islam. It will be easier for him to manipulate you to commit zina with him if you keep the same close relationship with him as before. You are a mother now and you will have to make yourself strong; after all, you will be the role model for your child.

I suggest that you ask your husband if you can stay with him in the district where he lives. Life is a constant battle against Shaytan until the last day of your life.

relationship with brother in law islam

It is not an easy task to be strong all the time, but to stay strong, you will have to seek for forgiveness and be close to your Lord. Pray to Him sincerely and try to avoid everything that makes you commit the sin.

Avoid the things that get you closer to the haram things.

relationship with brother in law islam

Put yourself forward to positive activities such as joining the local mosque for female Quranic lectures, listening to good Muslim scholars when you are alone and staying more in contact with your husband. Remember, in this battle against Shaytan, you will have to fight hard, and to do that you will have to work on yourself. Being a Muslim is about what is right even when your desires are pulling you towards something sinful.

In your situation, you have to think about what is the right and wrong thing to do, even if it means that you have to cut the contact with your brother and sister-in-law.

If you feel emotionally blackmailed in any form by him to keep in touch with him, you should tell him that if he tries to contact you again, you will tell his wife and family about the harmful act zina you both have committed to each other.

I am sure he does not want anyone to know about it, so he will stop troubling you with anything after you have warned him. I am not saying that you should tell about the zina to anyone. Of course, you should never do that. But by telling your brother-in-law that you will tell everyone, you will scare him and will keep him away from you.

Allah swt knows what has happened to you both.