Second guessing myself relationship trust

Relationship Anxiety "Do I really love him?"

second guessing myself relationship trust

In a relationship I was afraid to confront a man about his deceptive, insensitive I was tired of second guessing myself about a man's lying, hurtful behavior. 10 quotes have been tagged as second-guessing: Criss Jami: 'The best people are “Here is how the universe works, whether it is in business or personal relationships. tags: doubt, positive-thinking, second-guessing, trust, universe doing is right, and there are other times I second-guess myself every step of the way.”. Second-guessing is often caused by not trusting ourselves. Self-doubt can happen as a result of critical parents, perfectionist tendencies, low.

I spent a lifetime questioning my ability to deal with difficult people.

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When I dated a man I was afraid to speak out about his unreliable, inconsiderate behavior because I might falsely accuse him and push him away. In a relationship I was afraid to confront a man about his deceptive, insensitive conduct because I might be overreacting and he would dump me. I married a man who was shifty and abusive.

second guessing myself relationship trust

His excuses seemed logical and very convincing—and so I disregarded my intuitive voice, I suppressed my hurt feelings and I kept my mouth shut. I was afraid to confront a girlfriend who treated me unfairly.

How to Stop Second Guessing Every Word and Thing You Do

I struggled to maintain healthy boundaries with my overbearing mother and calculating, sharp-tongued adult daughter. I was tired of feeling befuddled, ineffective and weak. I was tired of being the victim.

One must practice and perfect the skill of thin slicing taking in a very thin slice of information and making an accurate prediction or assessment in order to instinctively eliminate confusing and unimportant incoming data that can lead to a bad decision.

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I strived to understand my nanosecond first impression about someone and I searched earnestly for the underlying reality in difficult situation.

The more I acted on my intuition despite the outcries of the controlling people in my life the more my confidence and self-esteem increased.

Years later my girlfriends were coming to me for advice about their lying, cheating, abusive partners.

second guessing myself relationship trust

People may mistreat, mislead and betray you, but your intuitive voice knows only to influence decisions that are in your best interest. The more you listen to your internal voice, the more audible becomes the message, the wiser becomes the counsel, and the more significant is the advice.

How to Stop Waiting For Your Relationship to Fail

Soon it will become second nature. I'm still far from perfect.

second guessing myself relationship trust

But it helps to remind myself of these four truths: You can never know everything. You will never have all the information you need to make a good decision. But you have to make it anyway, so do your due diligence, listen to your instincts, and go for it. The good news is that if you're working in the face of unknowns, so is everyone else, including your competitors. Few decisions are irreversible. If you make this decision are you stuck with the consequences forever?

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The answer is almost certainly no--even a tattoo is removable. Some believe there really are no wrong decisions because each one gives you the opportunity to learn, and to adjust for the future. So commit to giving your decision six months or a year to truly test it out and know that if it turns out wrong, you can make a different decision later. Few decisions are catastrophic.

second guessing myself relationship trust

Years ago, my colleagues and I made a disastrous hire for a key position. The woman in question seemed great and came with good credentials and glowing recommendations, but she botched key tasks, drove valued personnel to resign, and wasted tens of thousands of dollars before we learned of our error and replaced her. It was about the worst mistake we could have made and it rattled our faith in ourselves, but it didn't rattle our organization as badly as I'd expected. A few months later we had hired a replacement and were back on track.

So stop fearing that one bad decision will bring everything crashing down.

second guessing myself relationship trust

Your company is more resilient than you think and so are you.