Sponsor relationship

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sponsor relationship

Sponsor Relations Manager jobs available on badz.info Apply to Director, Corporate Relations Manager, Assistant Director and more!. Nurturing and cultivating a sponsor relationship can be difficult. Use these 5 steps to build a strong, healthy rapport with your sponsors. and informal, but it is a basic part of the A.A. approach to recovery from alcoholism through the. Twelve Steps. Sponsorship can be a long- term relationship.

There are no tests to complete and pass, no licenses to apply for, nor any fees to pay. Anyone with a personal connection to the recovery process who is willing to share with someone else can be a sponsor. What Is a Sponsee Anyone who is moving along a journey of recovery from an addiction could be a sponsee.

Sometimes, a sponsee is new to sobriety and the Step movement, and needs a little guidance from a mentor in order to understand the challenges and expectations of the recovery process. Sometimes, a sponsee is an experienced member of the Step movement who would like to brush up on lessons with someone else.

The sponsor/sponsee relationship

Anyone who spends time in the movement can be a sponsee. Becoming a sponsee is relatively easy. People who wish to do so are not required to sit for an exam, pay a fee, or go through a cumbersome matchmaking process.

They simply express a wish to learn from someone else in recovery. That willingness to learn is all that is required for the relationship to begin and develop.

The only hard-and-fast rule involves a willingness to change behavior in some way. But there are informal rules that support the mission of sobriety, and working as a sponsor is one such rule, according to the Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Conference.

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The Step movement is founded on the idea that people can help one another to heal. Alone, it is very hard to pull together meaningful change. With the help of others, even difficult shifts seem easier to make.

sponsor relationship

One of the final steps in the Step plan involves spreading the word of AA to people in need. Sponsorship is a quick and easy way to do just that. How It Works offers an impressive list of the benefits of sponsorship: Individuals new to recovery often feel isolated and alone.

sponsor relationship

They may be uncertain about their status as an addict and may have a number of questions about what actually qualifies as an addiction substance use disorder. Sponsors can help the individual to look at the big picture by sharing their own experiences most of which are often very similar in nature and helping the person in recovery get perspective on their situation.

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This lessens the burden of feeling isolated and alone. Assistance in understanding and applying the program: In Step groups, there are often a number of issues that are confusing for newcomers. One of the primary functions of the sponsor is to assist the individual in understanding the program, applying it in a positive way, and answering any questions regarding issues that may not be clear in the literature or during meetings.

sponsor relationship

A sense of hope and strength: For many individuals who are new to recovery, there is a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness regarding the future. Sponsors can help to instill a sense of hope, confidence, and optimism regarding the potential for success in recovery. By providing an example for the individual that despite all of the struggles that can occur during recovery, one can still maintain sobriety successfully, sponsors can instill feelings of competence and hope in their sponsees.

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Everyone experiences a time when they need just to get things off their chest to someone who will listen to them. When an individual agrees to be a sponsor, they automatically agree to be a confidant with whom one can share experiences, feelings, and thoughts without being judged. A sense of accountability: Even though sponsors are there to lend a sympathetic ear, they also function as anchors that maintain a sense of groundedness for the individual.

Sponsors make sure that individuals maintain behaviors that are conducive to recovery.

sponsor relationship

They are there to provide direction and point out instances where an individual needs to alter their actions. This includes giving the individual assignments to complete, materials to read, and ideas to consider. Many individuals who are new to recovery are often hesitant to think in new ways, try different things, or pursue things that are perceived as being a little risky.

Sponsors provide encouragement for an individual to move outside their comfort zone and to engage in activities that may be a bit intimidating, such as speaking during meetings, doing volunteer work, etc.

sponsor relationship

Of course, sponsors provide motivation for sponsees through their actions and instructions. At the same time, they also keep the person grounded in reality. Sponsors can provide a number of contacts, opportunities, resources, activities, etc. This can include introducing the recovering individual to potential peers, providing literature, making recommendations for other meetings to attend, recommending therapists, etc.

While the major function of the sponsor is to assist the individual in avoiding relapse, relapses still occur.