Teacher pupil relationship waterloo road cast

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teacher pupil relationship waterloo road cast

Discover more about your favourite Waterloo Road characters. A brief relationship with Kim Campbell in series five ended when she had a baby - the This series, Chris continues to blur the pupil/teacher boundaries when he becomes. Waterloo Road: new faces – cast biographies New Executive Head Teacher Max Tyler is a driven, highly ambitious man with a If a pupil with talent isn't prepared to push themselves, Max will do it for them. The girl gang also puts a strain on her relationship with boyfriend Luke – if her mates all think. The following is a list of characters who first appeared in the first series of school drama Pupils Yasmin Deardon and Janeece Bryant are introduced in episode two, and is the first head teacher featured in Waterloo Road, holding the position from the first . When the affair is exposed, Chlo flees Waterloo Road in shame.

Did you like school? If so, any one thing in particular? I didn't like school — I hated it!

teacher pupil relationship waterloo road cast

What did you like least about school? There's not one subject I can say I liked least about school, it was almost everything. What was your first ever job? My first ever job was working with my dad in his landscape gardening firm. What was your first professional acting role?

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Which role do you think you're best known for? Even though I left 14 years ago and have played more than 25 different roles since then and I was only on the Street for a year.

What is your favourite storyline coming up and why? My favourite storyline is the challenge of the Kellys, it must be the most powerful in this series. What have you enjoyed most about recording Waterloo Road?

Working on Waterloo Road I've most enjoyed meeting some great people and loving my character. Can you remember what your school reports said about you? My school reports said "could try harder" and "causes trouble". Did you get good exam results? I did get good exam results for the ones I turned up to. Did you go to college — if so, what did you study? What sort of teacher do you think you would make? Not sure I'd make a great teacher.

teacher pupil relationship waterloo road cast

Did you have an inspiring teacher? My most inspiring teacher was my drama teacher, Mrs Cathy Jones. What was your favourite subject?

teacher pupil relationship waterloo road cast

My favourite subject was drama of course! What was your least favourite subject? Maths was my least favourite subject. What are your plans after finishing filming the series?

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After filming I plan to have a rest. Have you any long term goals or ambitions? I have millions of long term goals but that's a whole other subject. Where were you born and brought up?

Francesca Montoya

Where do you live now? Episode 13 Near the beginning of the day, Jonah attempts to kiss Cesca, but Cesca slaps him away. Jonah insists to Cesca that there is "something going on" between them as Cesca continues to find it increasingly difficult to resist his seductive charm.

Episode 14 Cesca tries to distance herself from Jonah by trying to date Tomwho is now suffering from agoraphobia due to the beating, this causes Cesca's attempt to date him to fail. After school, Jonah shows up at Cesca's front door, insisting that he can't stop thinking about her, Cesca then gives in and sleeps with Jonahthis is later revealed to be Jonah 's first time.

Episode 15 Karen 's son Harry 's desperation for attention goes out of control when he steals her phone and starts sending offensive messages to Karen 's colleagues, the message Cesca receives causes her to suspect that Karen is aware of her affair with Jonah. Cesca is relieved when she finds out that the message was not from Karen and that everyone is still oblivious to her relationship with Jonah.

Episode 16 Jonah gets fed up of being Cesca's "dirty little secret" and gives her an ultimatum that unless she accepts that they are now in a serious relationship, they're over. Tom has now recovered from his agoraphobia and attempts to return Cesca's apparent affections, but Cesca turns him down when she tells him that she has started seeing someone else; Cesca accepts that herself and Jonah are now in a serious relationship and start seeing each other properly.

Episode 17 Cesca discovers that she is pregnant with Jonah 's child and Jonah has now decided that he wants to leave school and get a full time job so that it is legal for Cesca to be seeing him. Jonah went to the party to celebrate his "new life" referring to him leaving his education to live with Cesca and the baby. Cesca arrives at the party when things get out of hand and she sees Jonah behaving drunkly and irresponsibly, which leads her to question his maturity.

Chris Mead

Episode 18 Cesca decides to have an abortion, but ultimately decides that she couldn't go through with it, while Jonah 's sister Ruth Kirby becomes progressively more suspicious of her brother's behaviour.

After school has ended, Cesca reveals to Jonah that she chose not to have the abortion, Jonah then proposes to Cesca, which she accepts; Ronan then walks in on them, making him the first person to find out about their relationship, Jonah makes Ronan swear not to tell anyone, which he accepts. Episode 19 Ronan struggles to keep the secret in, and tells his girlfriend Vicki; Vicki then tells Cesca to try not to take advantage of Jonahleading Cesca to mistrust Ronan.

When Cesca is rushed to the hospital due to her injury, Jonah arrives and they kiss just as Chris walks in on them. Karen consults Cesca about the relationship, where Cesca reveals that they're engaged and that she's pregnant. Karen calls in Marcuswho becomes furious due to his son's actions. Jonah and Cesca are then separated by Marcus and Cesca is sacked and put under house arrest.

Episode 20 Due to the seriousness of the dilemma, the story was on the front page of several local newspapers and several new rules were created for the school, with basically all of them preventing pupils from having one-on-one or private lessons with teachers or anything else that could lead to a similar problem to what happened with Jonah and Cesca.

Cesca and Jonah decide to prove that Cesca was not just manipulating and taking advantage of Jonah by proving that they are genuinely in love by running away to get married. Cesca and Jonah escape to services where they are encountered by Chris Mead who later alerts the school and the police of the situation.