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hpny bvh files c4d ajith albam many to many relationship in database tables if audio push tour tickle tank open garden teacher and student affairs 90 7 narutospot mezcal yolox a home reading report you are special quote. The former teacher shivered in horror and used his Teigu to form wings and head down to Naruto's spot. Esdeath . I can't commit to a relationship with somebody who can't decide on where her loyalties lie. .. Suzume spoke but found herself trailing off as the Academy students surrounded the girl. badz.info - A Proscriptive Relationship (A Teacher/Student Love .. NaruSpot/NarutoSpot always has Boruto & Naruto Episodes first!.

Was it some kind of Summoning scroll? Or a containment scroll? But he guessed it must hold something nasty in there. In Esdeath's private booth she was in her seat, cold menacing eyes glaring down at the Pink haired girl.

A fierce jealously burning in her heart as she signaled for Dr. Stylish to ring the gong. The gong once again rang with a thunderous boom, signaling the start of the match.

Hirizen stood his ground, waiting for Mine to make the first move, since he didn't know her fighting style or strategies.

The Pink haired girl unfurled the scroll a bit and yelled out "Summoning: From the audience, many girls squealed about how cute the Teddy bears were while many males scoffed thinking it was some kind of a joke. In the audience, one Balsa was still trying to revive Shizuka, the spear wielder couldn't help but comment "I don't get it. What does that girl plan to do with a gang of teddy's? They are saturated with Chakra.

I think the old man is an for quite the surprise. He ducked under their assault and found himself surrounded by the bears.

There's quite a few of them. And they can do some Taijutsu as well. But numbers won't work on me that easily. This proved to be a mistake, because on impact, the Teddy violently exploded. The explosion blinded the Hokage, his ears rang loudly and he felt like his head was spinning out of control. A pair of Teddy's braced their arms together, giving one of their comrades a lift so that it could send a powerful kick, to the Sandaime's spine. The Hokage shook his head, and gained enough of his senses to perform a Substitution, switching himself with a log.

The Sandaime sighed deeply from the exertion and commented "I see you are using Iwa's explosive clay. But it has a fatal flaw. Lightning based techniques defuses them. Big Bear Tank guard! It was also wearing a bib with the kanji for 'Eat' and it had a large Spork in its hand. What's so special about that one? The Obese bear stood still, allowing the Shuriken to strike it, but then it merely swiped the Shuriken away as though it were brushing off crumbs.

But those infused Shuriken should have disabled it! I wouldn't allow such a blatant weakness to be kept unchecked. So I infused some of my minions with Rubber mixed into the clay. Then she fired at the Sandaime making him block the shot with his staff. But you're letting your ego get the better of you. She merely smiled and replied "Who says it was? As I said before don't underestimate me because I'm a cute girl. She grinned and fired her Teigu striking the clone, and hitting Hiruzen in his leg.

The Sandaime fell to the ground, clutching at his leg. He knew he had lost. With a smile he called out "I concede defeat! Honestly, this next generation is being a bit bothersome. Mine however was a bit upset she couldn't show off more of her creations. But she merely shrugged and recalled her teddy's into her sealing scroll. Meanwhile, Esdeath was not amused in the slightest. She glared furiously at Dr. Stylish for setting that Mine girl with an easy match.

She put a hand to her chin while thinking of ways to eliminate the females that are with HER Naruto. She could eliminate one of them directly if she participated in a match personally. But then the object of her affection would hate her for it. She needed to either eliminate them behind the scenes… or… perhaps gain his favor.

Set up the Dog Race. What was that arrogant brats name with the funny haircut that reminded me of a duck's ass? The Doctor pushed up his glasses and replied "Sasuke Uchiha. If I recall, that Kizashi and his Civilian council asked you to take the boy as an apprentice? I remember that now. You also mentioned that this gay boy tormented Naruto in his Academy days yes?

I'm not a hundred percent sure that Uchiha-san is homosexual. Uke is in his name is it not? And maybe distract Esdeath from her obsession. This operation to destroy Konoha seems… rushed. Orochumaru adjusted the veil hiding his face as he replied "I concur. I haven't yet branded Sasuke-kun with the Curse mark, nor have I properly organized our forces.

However there are other factors to consider. The other Kages are all present at General Esdeath's Festival, not to mention the General herself along with hundreds of other participants, some of which are in possession of useful weapons or powerful bloodlines. This is a High risk yet High reward gamble. If everything goes according to my plan, then I can cripple multiple villages and wipe out numerous threats to my plans all in one fell swoop.

Surely we could have sent someone else to handle this? When my old Sensei forced me to leave Konoha I had to leave behind several laboratories and research materials.

There is one however… that I sought to destroy but was forced to retreat before I could do it. We are going to destroy my ultimate albeit most terrible creation… Kira. The results were phenomenal but… unstable. Kira became too powerful too quickly, and her repeated escape attempts became more and more refined. In my desire to make my vessel powerful, I lost control of her. She devolved into a near rabid animal. An Apex predator to be sure, but still feral.

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I had to take great care in sealing her away, but now I shall terminate her. All we have to do is insert it into her tank, and she'll be dead in moments. At long last they entered the sealed laboratory, where Kira herself slept inside a tube filled with some manner of liquid, her nude body floating inside. He carefully opened the top to avoid waking his creation and poured the venom inside which she would soon ingest and quickly perish.

He resealed the top of the tank as a precaution and waited for her to pass away. The two Shinobi waited, there was a tense silence as the two noticed that the girl was not writing in agony as expected.

Then without warning her eyes snapped open and she smashed her container open with her bare fist. The liquid inside came out in a small flood. Both Sannin and servant stood in shock, both wondering how she survived the toxin. Kira stood up straight, her pale skin glistening in the dark as she hissed audibly.

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The desire to rip, maim, butcher, defile, castrate, and slaughter filled her. Her thirst for blood could now easily be felt in the air. Then for no real reason her sensory abilities kicked in. She sensed a certain Chakra signature aboveground that caught her attention. From the bottoms of her feet she could feel the vibrations of thousands of people up topside.

Or should I search? Unable to decide which she felt like doing. Sensing her state of indecision Kabuto slowly backed away towards the exit, hoping that she won't notice him leaving. The Sannin followed suit as he carefully crept by. Then… the Spectacled Shinobi accidentally knocked over a vial on the table, causing it to roll on the floor and break into pieces. This made Kira's eyes turn towards the direction of the noise, then in a blur of motion she grabbed Kabuto by the throat.

Or does it taste bad? Fearing for his life, Kabuto attempted to use a Chakra Scalpel on the girl's arm. But no matter how much he tried to disrupt the chakra flow in her arm, she wouldn't budge.

Instead her grip only seemed to be tightening "I can't feel pain. I decided… you're not worth eating. She continued to stab him, over, and over, and over, again. His genitals now a bloody and indescribable mess as she dropped him to the floor.

Her golden serpentine eyes staring down at him without a hint of mercy, or remorse. It feels… like I'm numb. Like the world is cold and grey. I don't understand pain. I don't understand joy. I don't understand guilt. I don't understand any of these things. But… I do understand hunger and death. The blood also fell down onto Kabuto eating through his clothes and flesh. Or an exquisite release? Or does it feel blissful?

She scowled as she grew bored of playing with the sack of flesh in front of her and blew out a cloud of purple smoke from her mouth. Kabuto coughed a few times then began screaming again as his flesh bubbled like hot wax, and then began melting off much like a candle.

Flesh and blood oozed down his neck and onto his shirt until finally he became still. Kira sighed, yet another Unfulfilling kill. But it was someone clearly loyal to her creator, so that had to count for something. Using her enhanced senses she noted that Orochimaru had long since fled. It didn't matter, for Kira never forgets a scent. She then looked upwards towards the ceiling and decided to go topside and seek out the Chakra signature that intrigued her so.

Using her ability to sense vibrations she navigated the network of tunnels until she made her way towards a ladder, after a brief climb she used her blew more purple smoke, melting a manhole and allowing her access to the surface. She sighed as she felt the sunlight hit her skin, it felt good. She breathed in the fresh air, it smelled good. This was a pleasing experience for her.

Are you all right Ms? Kira turned and saw it was a spectacled woman that was guiding a group of children. The woman adjusted her glasses and spoke "My name is Suzume. Where are your clothes?

And what's with that blood? Were you raped, or robbed or something? The pale girl said nothing, this woman was already proving to be a severe annoyance to her. Her chakra sensory told her the one she sought was somewhere in the gigantic Coliseum. I want to go there. You can come with us!

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We were on our way over there too! This girl might be… in… trouble…? Their voices carrying joy and laughter as they found themselves entranced by the stranger.

Kira herself had never been exposed to such… innocence. She found it… amusing? Was that the word. The children hugged her, asked her questions and one girl even asked if she could ride on her shoulders. With a small smile she obliged The girl's request and set her on her pale shoulders. There's someone I want to find there. She smiled and replied "My name is Kira.

Suzume herself followed suit and wondered why the children seemed… enamored by this stranger, and from the sounds of it… the boys apparently hadn't even noticed that she was nude.

This Event is the Dog race! Four teams consisting of three members have been selected to participate! The rules are simple, the teams must race across a treacherous obstacle course while avoiding this games Eliminator, Seryu and her Teigu Coro.

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The team members are allowed to use any means they have available to hinder their opponents progress, or slow down Seryu. First team, and all its… surviving members to make it across the finish line shall be the winners! We have Naruto Uzumaki, Leone, and Sheele! For Team Pit bull. And finally, for Team Poodle. Meanwhile, Naruto smirked at the chance to get some revenge against both Sasuke and Sakura. He could tell that Esdeath was most definitely rigging the games, but it seems in this case, it was in his favor.

A small part of him wondered how genuine the General's feelings were for him. He put that thought to one side as he searched for his old friend Sheele.

When did you get here? I need to introduce you to Zabuza-san and Haku-chan later! I think you'll like them! Let's see, me, you, Leone, and Mine. That leaves, Akame, Bulat, Lubbock, and Chelsea. They'll turn up later. I owe that Seryu girl twice over now! Said target riding on the back of her dog like Teigu with a wicked grin. Just don't die this time. Now this is a match I can enjoy! A predatory glare being sent in the direction of the Uchiha. The Uchiha himself scoffed since he and Naruto now stood next to each other.

You might have beaten that old guy from before. But you're up against an Uchiha elite now. And I have been training these past two years since the Academy.

I even learned a Assassination jutsu from Kakashi Hatake, and I even unlocked my…" the Uchiha ranted on but was then cut off by Naruto. You're trying to overcompensate for your underdeveloped penis. Stop trying to make yourself feel better. It's pretty easy to call yourself an 'Elite' when you're the only one left. At his commentary towards Sasuke's penis size several members of the teams tried to stifle their laughter.

Behind them, Seryu was in her position and announced to them "All right. Me and Coro shall give you a thirty second head start. I suggest you make it count. The teams dashed off towards the track where numerous traps lie in wait. Sheele however turned to face Seryu and her teigu. The purple haired woman pointed her Scissor blade Teigu at her killer from her previous life and spoke "Seryu!

I shall defeat you and avenge myself! I killed before, I can do it again! He is the most developed character of the series with Sesshomaru being closet second. Again, Kohaku started off as inexperience and cowardly, then as time goes on he becomes a very skilled demon slayer and gets more braver and cunning.

Like Sango, he is willing to accept any consequence to accomplish a bigger and more meaningful goal. Kohaku is a bad ass, he has no actual powers and still he can fight of a bunch of demons. OK, maybe the jewel shard might count but other than it keeping him alive, I believe the jewel shard is only the catalyst of his skills since it shows that he is still human to the very core.

In my personal opinion, if there would be a spinoff from InuYasha, then Kohaku would be a good candidate to have his on spinoff series. If I could have the legal rights to the series to start a spinoff, I would have Kohaku and Kirara end up in the Modern Era and they must face evil there and the harsh world of the Modern World.

That would be a interesting story of what happened if the InuYasha group end up in the Modern Era and somehow must adapt while trying to figure out how to get back.

Since then, she is mute and never talks until she meets a badly injured Sesshomaru. She nurses him back to health and gets beaten by the villagers for her troubles. Since then, she became a typical little energetic girl that can never stop talking. She is befriends Kohaku and hinted that Rin has a crush on Kohaku. Koga has two jewel shards between each of his legs and it helps him to develop super speed and superpowers to his legs. Koga falls in love with Kagome after capturing her and that develops a rivalry with Inuyasha.

Koga started off like every other demon on the show due to having no feelings or compassion towards humans until he falls in love with Kagome, since then he refuses to kill humans or have Ginta or Hakkaku to kill other humans. He does marry a long time flame, Ayame though. She is resurrected by a demon named Urasue but the demon is killed by Kikyo. She intends to destroy Naraku for his actions, but Kikyo dies again and this time having her soul to rest in peace, giving one last kiss to Inuyasha.

He is not that different from Koga or Hojo when comes to rival romance and being the romantic rival for Kagome seems the only reason why people hate her, but not Koga or Hojo. I am just saying that being a romantic rival should not be the only reason why people should hate her. She does help a lot like helping to restore Kohaku back to life and pure people when they are in the brink if darkness, like Kagome. It is unclear if the Feudal and Modern Era are just from different times but they are in the same worlds or they are a different time and different worlds all together.

The reason I ask if the Modern Era is exactly in the same world as Feudal Era but in different times, then what happened to all the demons? Where there demons in other parts of the world or just in Japan. This little element creates a lot of plot holes but to further the story it is all good.

I would like to see more danger and threats to the Modern Era with the exception of the 9th episode where the human flesh demon attacks and possibly killed numerous civilians, policemen, and firemen while trying to find the jewel shard. In episode 10 and the 3rd movie it is established that both the Feudal and Modern Era are from the same world, but around years apart. A lot of demons could be considered animals because many of the demons are basically breeds from other animals, such as cats Kiarafox Shippowolves Kogaand dogs Inuyasha and Sesshomarou.

Kagome relates this most of all since she was first scared of being int he Feudal Era and had to help collect all the jewel shards of the Shikon Jewel that she shattered and knowing there will be deadly demons on the way.

In the end she is able to become more braver and willing to collect the jewel shards, maybe inf the fact due to that she was responsible for the shattered Shikon Jewel and fights the Yura the hair demon to protect her family. When InuYasha loses his powers due to the night of the new moon, he has to prove his courage to up against demons despite not having superpowers, unable to harness the powers of his sword, and being vulnerable like a normal human being.

Kohaku even though not a main character or protagonist has to prove his courage when he first started his demon slaying life and becoming more braver and stronger when time goes on.

Kohaku is the closet to the Harry Potter character into comes of personality and development wise, despite not having using any magical powers. Inuyasha does this a lot, mainly because of his demon powers and the powers from the Tessaiga. Shippo has his fox fire, ability to change his appearances, and use toys as weapons.

Lady Kaede, Myoga, and Totosai are considered the mentor figures. They travel through an enchanted forest all the time with demons and spiritual voodoo going on the forest all the time. It is not that hard to miss, but in the Bogside Artists expectations they believe you will miss it. Naraku was once a human, but then was powered by thousand of demons. Wanting the Shikon Jewel and the jealousy of the romance between Inuyasha and Kikiyo, he tore them apart and manipulated them to go against each other.

Naraku is cool enough to hate because how much damage he puts on people. He is intimidating and smart, but when it comes to being a threat himself, that falls a little short. I think Naraku should demonstrate his powers against the heroes a little more, but he is still a good villain. She is first loyal to Naraku, but that loyalty deteriorates quickly and develops a deep hatred for Naraku and wants to be free of him but in the end, her attempts cost her life. She becomes an full fledge enemy to the main heroes, but little by little she becomes an ally that gives the heroes the information that they need to destory Naraku.

She grew fond of Kohaku and becomes very protective of him, possibly a surrogate secondary sister. Kagura The next villains that is worth mentioning is the Band of Seven. The Band of Seven saga is one of the best highlights of the series and they became one of the biggest obstacle for the heroes to face. They even have a few victories over the heroes and could have killed them at times if it was not just blind luck.

They do pick them one at a time but it is not easily done. Kyokotsu is the first to fall in the hands of Koga. The next one to go is Mokotsu, a evil doctor that can poison the skin like he did with Kagome, Miroku, and Sango but Mokotsu dies in the hand of Sesshomaru.

Ginkotsu is a tank like demon and in the manga he is killed by his own blast while in the Anime, he sacrifices himself.

Suikotsu is my favorite of the bunch, he is more of a Dr. Hyde kind of character, he is part evil or part good depends what side has taken over and can switch back at any moment. He dies at the hands of Kikyo. He is a gay enemy and possibly a woman in the English version.

Renkotsu is like the second in command of the Band of Seven and went through the most change during his small tenure. He is willing to follow his leader to any situation, but his greed for the jewel shards changed him and turn on his Band of Seven, but that cost him his life. Lastly, Benkotsu the leader of the Band of Seven and the most strongest.

His weapon itself is a demon sword, claiming a 1, demons and 1, humans. However the sword became too powerful and his overwhelming hatred caused his downfall.

His biggest character flaw that he can be too trusting and naive at times, especially Renkotsu making obvious betrayals against him and other Band of Seven like Jakotsu. The Band of Seven from left to right: The main task for the main characters involved the rescue of human hostages imprisoned by a community of half-human, half-animal creatures.