Until dawn josh death ending a relationship

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until dawn josh death ending a relationship

But as I've said the best "canon" ending in this game as far as I know getting bitten and dropping her relationship to zero with Ashley and Mike. Chris didn't shoot her, but I think he probably tried to save Josh in the sawblade trap. . I would have Emily die also however at no point can I find a death that. As Hannah's best friend, she attempted to prevent the events of the prologue, and Charitable; Strongest Relationship(s): Ashley, Josh; Played by: Noah Fleiss. Until Dawn . The Psycho will later play a video of Josh's death to Sam in the cinema room, causing . On Josh's end, his relationship with Matt is the lowest.

It's as if that particular Jump Scare was only meant for the player, which comes off as rather weird. Mike does look away immediately after that and it could be that he thought he'd imagined it and didn't want to seem freaked out or thought he was being pranked by his mischievous girlfriend, but his reaction is downplayed to the point that it'd hard to say what he's supposed to be thinking and zero dialogue is devoted to it, with only a brief look at Jess.

In a sense, the reveal that a wendigo can mimic a human can come off as this. It happens a total of one time in the entire game that we hear a wendigo call for help like a human, which might lead to Ashley's death if she falls for it, and never happens again afterwards. You also have to wonder how a wendigo is able to say words like "Help me" and "Please" when it doesn't have any lips.

The whole second half of the story with the sudden appearance of the Wendigos has irked some who played this game. While some think that it's a clever plot twist that completely turns the game's plot on its head, other feel it undermines the consequences of Josh setting up the fake murderer prank out of a messed up way to cope with the deaths of his sisters and just turns the story into another generic horror plot.

It's fairly easy to guess at the identity of the "Mystery Man" for a number of reasons: He isn't available to be played before the reveal, has a motive for a grudge against the guests, and is responsible for splitting up the party and sending them to specific locations throughout the lodge. If all of those clues didn't tip you off, it's pretty easy to recognize actor Rami Malek's distinctive diction through the voice distortion.

You basically play through the plot of a typical horror movie; there are a bunch of teenagers that go to a remote location with no other people around and no signal for their phonesand end up Alone with the Psycho for the night. Part of this is justified in-universe because it was all an elaborate prank by Josh to get back at his friends.

This trope can be played straight or subverted in individual playthroughs. As mentioned on the main page, the game can be extremely merciless unless the player is familiar with most horror movie tropes. It is possible for tropes like Dumb Blonde to get mashed up with Hidden Depths. Most of the characters save for Josh, Sam, and Chris are the main cause of Hannah and Beth's disappearance and their deaths or rather, Beth died and Hannah became a Wendigo due to a thoughtless prank against Hannah in the prologue.

With this knowledge in mind, it can be hard to feel sorry for the cast's plight as they find themselves in danger or killed upon being attacked by a psychotic killer and the Wendigos, including what used to be Hannah, their old friend.

Then again, considering the main theme of the game, this is possibly an intentional choice made by the creators. The player can downplay or even avert this trope if they pick the moral and friendly choices.

Then the playable cast are instead flawed but fundamentally decent folks, who deeply regret their past mistakes and bad behavior.

The nature of the game also allows them to be complete Jerkasses. Matt can be played as an It's All About Me Jerkass who abandons others to die horrible deaths to save himself, Ashley can be played as a massive Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and a Woman Scorned who turns into a murderer, Emily and Jessica can both be played as utterly unrepentant alpha bitchesand Josh is easy to interpret as a borderline psychopath.

Sam, Mike, and Chris are the only characters where it's difficult to completely downplay their positive traits, but even then, Mike's Jerk Jock tendencies can be played up while his Jerk with a Heart of Gold aspects can be downplayed not to mention he can murder Emily out of paranoia during a minor Freak Out! Mike can comes across as this to some, as he is presented as a mostly heroic individual regardless of his actions in the story that make him appear less so.

While he does go out of his way to chase down a Wendigo that had captured Jessica and may potentially kill her, he was a major part in the prank that had lead to Hannah's disappearance a year ago and eventual transformation into a Wendigo, and basically receives no repercussions for his own willing involvement whereas only Jessica was attacked by Hannah due to her being the one to create the prank to humilate her.

He also, in his own violation, points a gun at Emily out of fear of her bitten and potentially infected by a Wendigo, and is only punished at the ending credits if he does go through with killing Emily, as his ending hints that he may be held under arrest for her murder, and no one seems to bring up Mike's overreaction that had him almost kill his ex-girlfriend afterwards. There's also his irrational decision to leave the safe room and visit the Sanitarium again, leaving his friends to go after him to stop him from entering a Wendigo infested nest upon discovering the fact shortly after he leaves, which does potentially get his friends killed trying to rescue him.

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Draco in Leather Pants: Josh Washington is an interesting example since at worst he was a Disc-One Final Boss whose status as a villain is debatable. He never intended to hurt anyone and was only trying to make his friends suffer for the prank that led to Hannah running away and Beth following her to their misfortunes. He clearly is someone with serious mental issues off his medication.

But his fans often downplay his many flaws and try to turn him into a helpless and innocent victimor worse, try to romanticize him into a tragic Byronic Hero who just needs love from the right personusually Sam, Chris, or an Original Characterto end his suffering. The prank he devised was definitely cruel and over the line and potentially could have traumatized his best friends Chris and Ashley for life.

He even brutalized Sam, the one person who truly connected with him. Even though he did not know about the Wendigo, he led his friends back to the lodge under false pretenses, essentially bringing them to their doom if the player cannot save them, and any one of the people he didn't intend to kill could probably have sued him for assault, battery, and reckless endangerment at least.

It's fairly easy to see why some fans would be less inclined to forgive. Some of Emily's fans also tends to be detractors of Ashley in turn, often using Ashley's overreaction to Emily's bite wound, and her refusal to rescue Chris if he shoots her to save himself as a justifiable reason to perceive her as a 'bigger bitch' than Emily, while ignoring how Emily is consistently portrayed as arrogant, selfish, and domineering, and having little justification for her own unpleasant behavior.

Despite or possibly due to having a major lack of screentime, both Jessica and Matt are quite popular, with many fans disappointed that the two are sidelined for a majority of the game though they do have a short action sequence together.

In the case of Jessica, being Mike's love interest doesn't hurt, her confessions of her insecurities flesh her out, and her overly done speech about having sex was downright hilarious ; likewise, dating Emily often makes players view Matt far more sympathetically, and his potential helping of the injured Jessica through the mines. Despite being a non-human NPC with a minimal role, Wolfie the wolf is really well liked by most players. Flamethrower Guy for being a badass old guy, even if he dies in all versions of the game, shortly after he is fully introduced.

In the case of the scenes where Ashley chooses to own up to her mistake and apologize for her overreaction to Emily's bite wound, resulting in Emily holding a grudge against Ashley for the duration of the story afterwards, one could assume that sometimes being the bigger person and apologizing for your mistake, as opposed to hiding it, does more harm than good in the long run. While never confirmed in the game, it is commonly believed that the wendigo spirit that possessed Hannah was Makkapitew, who the Events of the Past video states is the wendigo that attacked Hannah and Beth and was killed right after the sisters fell from the cliff.

It also explains why Wendigo Hannah is larger and stronger than all the other Wendigo in the cabin despite being much younger than them. A number of fans like to ignore Josh's only two canonical fates of either dying or becoming a wendigo to give the spoilered character a less bleak ending. Josh is popularly paired with either Sam or Chris, the latter despite Chris and Ashley's canonical mutual feelings and the Ship Tease between Josh and the aforementioned Sam.

Sam and Mike are also getting this despite Mike dating Jessica and Sam's undetermined feelings for Josh.

until dawn josh death ending a relationship

A lot has to do with them essentially being the game's main leads who cannot die until the last chapter and who develop a mutual dependence on each other as the game progresses. Both of their relationship bars can be completely full for each other at the end.

Matt and Jessica get this treatment as well, as some fans think they deserve better than their current partners who may have been cheating on them with each other, and their last scenario can potentially be together, with Matt protecting and helping a badly injured Jessica, with a lot of concern for her. In Les Yay circles, Jessica and Emily are pretty popular despite that their screentime together is being at eachothers throats. Sam and Beth are also popular in Les Yay circles despite minimal interaction at all before Beth kicks the bucket.

Congratulations, you can now make Sam live through the final scenes without effort. Markiplier was able to do this for the final segment, though his grief over not being able to save Ashley and not knowing of this method beforehand caused him to replay the entire game, getting every totem and letting everyone live. Favorite character just died?

Quickly quit the game and try again! The only negative factor of these two game breakers is your ability to live with yourself for essentially cheating the game and robbing the suspense. Josh's inevitable "death" during the Ashley vs. Josh decision that Chris is forced to make would have been revealed to have been staged, had Matt taken Emily's suggestion to go to the scene and confirm Chris and Ashley's story of his gruesome death instead of just taking their word for it.

They would have noticed the fake Josh prop right away, thus immediately revealing Josh's role as the mastermind behind the whole thing, or at the very least making them suspicious of him. Some of those sessions with Dr.

Hill take on a whole new light when you know who he's talking to. For example, if you say the person you dislike the most is Josh, you're saying you hate yourself, to your hallucination of your psychiatrist, which puts Dr. Hill's comment about going easy on him in an entirely new light. He Really Can Act: Voice act in this case but while everyone does a great job Rami Malek stole the show as Josh due to his character having depth and being funny, disturbing and utterly tragic at the same time.

One of Mike's only possible deaths is blowing himself up to kill the inhuman monsters who were once human. A year after this game was released, his character on Agents of S. Robotspoilers for said seriesthere's an intimidating masked character with a distorted voice that is eventually revealed to be Rami Malek's character, that he also portrays as being mentally unhinged.

Robot's case, Rami Malek's character's schizophrenia caused him to not even be aware of his alter ego himself. But this time it is Rami who takes over as the lead survivor who takes down the bad guys. According to this list of most popular baby names inthe top male and female names were Michael and Jessica, second was Christoher and Ashley, third was Matthew and Emily, and fourth was Joshua and Samantha.

This was supposedly intentional though, with the characters' names actually being chosen from this list. Hannah is a leggy, slender, beautiful teen girl who possesses a natural tan and has a sizable bust compared to her cohorts.

until dawn josh death ending a relationship

She's seen as being quite plain In-Universe. Hannah and Beth aren't savable, regardless of the choices you make. Josh is the Psycho, and he has nothing to do with the real danger of the game. Plays an incredibly nasty prank on Hannah, accidentally causing her and Beth to die in the prologuepossibly cheats on his girlfriend, and acts like a Jerk Jock for a good portion of the early game.

Then the Wendigos attack; Mike believes his girlfriend Jessica, whom he really does care about, to be dead the rest of the game, can potentially be forced to amputate his fingers, has tons of near-brushes with death, can potentially befriend a wolf only to watch it die, and can potentially watch multiple friends die.

And despite everything that might happen to him, he just keeps going until the end of the game; if Mike is the last person aliverather than live as a Sole Survivorhe'll perform a hybrid of Heroic Sacrifice and Despair Event Horizonchoosing to remain in the cabin and die taking out the Wendigos rather than stick to his initial plan of fleeing and surviving with the others.

Yes, it was her idea to prank Hannahbut she couldn't have possibly known all that was going to happen, though when heading to the guest cabin with Mike can show no remorse. She can also reveal that she is actually insecure about having sex with Mike, then is immediately pulled through a door by a Wendigo.

until dawn josh death ending a relationship

She is the easiest character to accidentally let die, and can either have her jaw ripped off based on Mike's and later, possibly Matt's actions, or live but have to travel through the mines while heavily injured in almost nothing but her underwear. If she makes it to the end, her scene during the credits has her huddled under a blanket, clearly traumatized by what has happened.

He acts a little sleazy at first and turns out to have been planning on avenging his sisters from the start of the game's main events by putting his "friends" through the most twisted, psychotic, and potentially traumatizing "prank" that he could think up, which included drugging them, locking them into realistic-looking torture chambers, faking his own gruesome death, making his best friend choose between killing the girl he's always loved and suicide the gun was loaded with blanks, but stilland punching that same girl unconscious twice.

Still, it hurts to watch it come out that over the past year, he's been going mad with guilt over not being able to find his sisters, as well as anger at his friends for either being involved in the prank, doing nothing to stop it from happening, or being too late to warn Hannah.

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Near the end of the story, he completely loses his sanity. Due to this, he was unaware of the impending prank on Hannah and was ultimately unable to intervene. Chapter 1 Josh recording his video.

Before the chapter opens, Sam is shown riding a bus to Blackwood Pineswhile listening to a radio report of Hannah and Beth on her phone, who are still confirmed missing. After the broadcast, she presses the return button, and the screen cuts to Josh, recording a video.

After his failed intro, he starts again by happily welcoming all his friends back to the "annual Blackwood winter getaway". He then laments by saying that it won't be easy to return to the mountain after what happened the previous year and that it means so much to him that they're doing this and to Hannah and Beth because they're "all still together, thinking of them".

His true goal is to spend some quality time with everyone and make it a night they'll never forget, for the sake of his sisters. When Sam later meets up with Chris, they discuss Josh's state. They express admiration for how he deals with his situation, but Sam also questions if coming back was the right thing to do. Chris argues that he hasn't seen him so excited in forever. Chapter 2 Josh returns to the lodge, happy to see that everyone else had decided to return as well.

On the path, he talks to Chris about Ashley and partakes in a joke to "rip her parka right off her and make some snow angels", to which Chris can either agree with him or tell him to take it down a notch. Josh then asks him if he could "imagine a more perfect, ripe scenario, just dripping with erotic possibilities" as there's no parents around and that he's laid everything down for this moment, as Chris has been nothing but perfect to Ashley.

Until Dawn- Ending: Josh Dies, the Rest Live (SPOILER)

Chris can then agree with him or disagree. No matter what, Josh finishes his part of the conversation by encouraging him to try. After finding another entryway, Chris climbs through the basement window and ends up falling flat on his back, assuring Josh that's he's okay and that he should have paid more attention in climbing class, to which Josh replies by correcting him.

After that, the light bulb suddenly bursts, catching them unaware and confused. Josh hands Chris a lighter and has an idea concerning a deodorant can in the bathroom. He tells Chris that if he uses the can and the lighter, he can make a flamethrower to thaw the lock.

Josh and Sam

Chris understands and says that it reminds him of their plastic army soldiers they used to melt when they were younger. Josh then tells Chris that he needs to check something and asks if he'll be okay by himself in the dark. Chris responds that he won't, but he'll still do it, and so, Josh leaves after saluting Chris. When the lodge entrance is open, Josh reappears just as Chris is being teased by Sam and Ashley for being frightened, once again by the baby wolverine and adds in by saying that he shouldn't worry because he's "going to be a big boy soon".

After everyone's inside, Josh begins to light a fire for everyone but ends up having to stop either a physical dispute between Matt and Mikeor a cat fight between Emily and Jessica. Irritated, he says that this isn't what he wanted and that if they all can't be together for one night then maybe they need a break. He then asks Chris to find a spirit board for a little bit of fun, to which Ashley wholeheartedly agrees and goes to find it, with Chris following behind her.

Once the fire's going, he descends with Sam, who came downstairs as there was no hot water left for her bath, down to the basement to turn on the water boiler. Here, Sam hears a strange noise after Josh asks her to shine the torch his way so he can find the switch. Josh and Sam following the noise in the basement. After the boiler successfully works, the two can either share a high five or Sam ignores him.

Some time after this, they hear a rhythmic noise which Sam describes as regular. Josh becomes anxious and tells her that there's nothing 'regular' about it. Regardless of the choices at this point, a masked man, dressed in an old monk robe, jumps out on them and chases them all the way to the basement door as Sam tries to unlock it, much to her annoyance. Josh replies to her by saying they lock it to "keep out strangers". When the masked man stops in his tracks, Sam, regaining her breath, walks over in disbelief as the man reveals himself to be none other than Chris, who happily declares that they "just got monked".

until dawn josh death ending a relationship

After Sam asks him if he was in on it, he denies his involvement by complementing Chris, saying that it was "too good" and later playfully teases Sam for being frightened by the experience. After Mike and Jess leave the lodge, Josh follows them and hands them the keys to the cabin before departing again.

Chapter 3 Josh playing with the spirit board. A few hours later, Josh, along with Chris and Ashley, play with the spirit board. Chris chooses Ashley to start them off as she is a "recent convert".

After the board replies by needing help, A scared Ashley asks who they are, per Chris' request. The board responds with one answer that startles them all: Now visibly distressed, Josh initially wants to find out more about what the spirit is saying. Chris becomes very skeptical, but Josh tells him to shut up and tells Ashley to ask which sister they're speaking to.

She does so, and the cursor glides to 'yes'. Chris then says that if this truly was Hannah or Beth, they could finally tell them what happened the night they disappeared. When they ask the spirit, the cursor rapidly glides to different letters to make a plethora of words, such as 'killed', 'proof' and 'library'.