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voddie baucham sermonindex in relationship

Voddie Baucham, author of the new book "Family Driven Faith," explains how the Voddie Baucham - The Importance Biblically Discipling Children | Sermon on Christian Parenting .. Voddie Baucham - Love and Marriage (Full Series: Sermons Only). "Founded in The mission of SermonIndex is the preservation and. During the second night of the conference Voddie Baucham, who had preached at the with the focus on the vital father-child or parents-and-child relationship. Errors In The Modern Day Gospel by Voddie Baucham I constantly remind my children as they grow up and are developing their own relationships with God.

voddie baucham sermonindex in relationship

Baucham reads it into the text. Now he jumps ship and heads for 1 Cor 7 and claims that it prohibits all divorce. Stay unmarried or be reconciled are your only choices if you leave your spouse, he claims. It is never lawful. He reads it, and then moves on — insisting that 1 Cor 7 prohibits all divorce for any reason. Remarriage after divorce is an act of adultery.

voddie baucham sermonindex in relationship

He tries to support this from Romans 7: Baucham consistently ignores the context of these passages and turns them into absolute teachings that apply to every marriage in every situation. They were not given for that purpose. Romans 7 here is an example. Paul is using marriage and the death of a spouse to illustrate how we have died to the Law in Christ!! Baucham ignores that and pulls this text out to support his position. Makes Mark 10 and the parallel in Luke 16 absolute.

A Cry For Justice

Now we are back to Matthew 5 and WHY then is he so certain about it — so certain that he is willing to pronounce his position from his pulpit and lay it onto everyone in his church?

He is parroting what he has heard others say. He says that porneia is the word for an indecency found during the Jewish betrothal period and is a broader term than the specific word for adultery, which is not used here in Matthew.

Then he goes back to the early chapters of Matthew and says that this betrothal thing makes sense because Matthew is the one who includes the account of Joseph intending to put Mary away when she was found to be pregnant.

Interesting argument, but are you REALLY willing to bind people absolutely with the no-divorce for any reason view, based upon theories like this? Our marriages are living, breathing illustrations of Christ and His Church. It is unthinkable that God would allow for divorce. Yes, it is a perversion of the picture.

God divorced his bride, Israel Jer 3. The abuser is the perverter of the picture, not the victim who merely files the paperwork! We Baucham and his church leaders will always encourage you to stay married.

This just makes me ill. Go home and keep your vows! My husband horribly abuses me. I am not going to work to reconcile with him. What is their policy then?

Church Growth by Voddie Baucham

Always with a view toward repentance and reconciliation. Not unless the victim submits to their permanence view. They are going to force her to stay with her tormentor.

He reads this one, then that one, proclaims what it means, and moves off. We will not perform wedding ceremonies for those seeking a second marriage while the former spouse is still living. Baucham is mocking the person who would come to him and not want to be reconciled. He mocks to the point of getting the congregation to laugh.

Does this mean that we will tell people to stay in a situation where they are beaten and brutalized and have their money spent recklessly…no. Remarriage after divorce is not ongoing adultery or polygamy.

Confess your sin and commit to the permanence view now. This does not mean that divorced and remarried people are second class citizens in the kingdom of God. But they are second class citizens in a church that teaches this stuff! I will give Baucham the benefit of the doubt here and assume that he means this in a kind, way, committed to his marriage vows.

They are NOT funny.

voddie baucham sermonindex in relationship

They are like daggers of fear and torment because she can hear her abuser mimic these same words for evil. You are talking about interviewing her husband at that point? We talk about it way back then. Early on put the framework in there. She expects daddy to be involved in this. That was the word you used. We have to start somewhere and what he must be is the whole package. Now there are going to be people at different stages as it relates to this so what we have to do is recognize what we have created up to this point.

Here is the checklist. I have completely and utterly neglected you and left you unprepared and unprotected and I am sorry. Let the apology linger. Finish experiencing that together. So many men want to fix it and address the problem immediately. This is not a time to fix it. This is a time to be humble and admit your mistakes and let her answer the question. In fact, I kind of liked it this way with me calling the shots and you more out of the picture.

You may have to go slow but you have to go. The last thing you do is throw your hands up and say okay, fine. You might have to go slow and you might have to come back again and again and again and start building this stuff piece by piece. So there is a more fundamental problem. So rather than bringing this particular piece to bear with his daughter what he might do instead is back the whole truck up and start with discipleship and relationship with his daughter This is like what he must be part.

No, back it up all the way up and just start with building a basic disciplining relationship and a basic relationship in general with your daughter and work up to these kinds of issues. So has Jasmine had any reluctance with what you have been proposing to her? Is she in any way kind of not sure what she thinks about this? Jasmine is an advocate and an exponent of this whole concept.

voddie baucham sermonindex in relationship

She is a first born. You said you hope to have 10 Voddie: So you have to deal with each one individually and care for them. You want to change your legacy. Remember this is a fundamental foundational issue for our family and has been for a long, long time. I think because she realizes that there will be that there is less likelihood for the push back.

You are talking about an arranged marriage, Bob? I can see it in your eyes. It would have been good for me. The entire American dating scene is not a healthy deal.

Oh, no but let me say ideally I would really like for the situation to be something like this. She and I talk all the time. We talk about the kinds of things that she is interested in.

I talk to her a lot about the kind of man I think she needs just because of what I see in her and what I know of her.

voddie baucham sermonindex in relationship

We sit and have these kinds of conversations. Did she help you with this book? She is my research assistant. So I tell her, sweetheart, you would chew a weak man up.

He would be sitting over in a corner with his thumb in his mouth somewhere. So no weak men. Those are the kinds of things that we talk about. But if it happened to where she was interested in a guy I still go do the vetting process before she gets close enough to give herself to him emotionally.

Errors In The Modern Day Gospel by Voddie Baucham - Sermon Index

That means you have to be right there on top of it and involved Voddie: Her heart will be gone before I ever see it. A lot of the difficulty when people think through the concept of what he must be and the concept of this book immediately our minds go to all the obstacles and difficulties because of how broken our culture is.

The point is this is not some kind of panacea. This is a piece of a bigger puzzle. You build on the foundation of our understanding the role and responsibility of a man in his household. It goes far beyond the issue of courtship. This then becomes a natural extension of that as opposed to this sort of piece out there that we are just going to grab onto and force into the context.

This is one application of a much bigger issue. Saying Oh, God help me in my weakness know how to lead, love, protect and guide my children as they emerge into adulthood and as we let the arrows go. Go to FamilyLife Today. Or just get a copy of it by letting us send it out to you.

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