Yuuto kiba relationship with god

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yuuto kiba relationship with god

Yuuto made his appearance in Volume 1, bringing Issei to the Occult speed and is heavily skilled in swordsmanship, what Issei has called God-Speed. . and I moved past that stage and become really good mother and son relationship . Read Chapter 2 from the story High School DxD (Yuuto Kiba x Tatsuya Kishimoto ) by When the mysterious, normal student Tatsuya Kishimoto, son of the god. Devil's Love [ Yuuto Kiba x Reader ] Which was a little ironic because she was the daughter of an important Devil God. But since all the Devil.

He stated that each faction was so helpless, they relied on humans to survive. Leaders kept this a secret because they needed the humans.

Xenovia dropped to her knees, trying to process the fact that God was dead. The Cadre stated that the leaders saying the war was pointless pissed him off, even if the Overlords and God was dead.

He was more pissed off when he said that Azazel stated that a second war was pointless. Asia, slowly standing up from the ground, asked about God's blessings. Kokabiel said that Michael, an archangel, was doing a fine job of that, taking God's place to protect angels and humans, meaning that Xenovia was useless and the blessings, prayers, and exorcisms didn't affect as much.

The blonde-haired bishop fainted, making Koneko catch her. Xenovia was surprised herself that she was still controlling herself after hearing the news. Koneko set Asia against a tree. He stated that the balance of Light and Darkness is gone and he'll finish where he left off. Rias trembled a little, stating that everything was her fault.

But Issei denied that by shouting, "No! I won't let you destroy our town and kill my friends! And let me tell you this I won't let you get in the way of my ambitions! Kokabiel chuckled as well. The female pervert gritted her teeth at him.

Then why don't you join me then? Choose whoever you want and he's yours. It sounded like a good deal to the brown-haired devil, but then He was perfect, he was what she wanted. She felt nervous, ready to say it in front of everyone, in front of Kiba himself. She took a deep breath, grinned, and answered, "But I already have the perfect candidate. Rias, Akeno, and Koneko, however, knew who she was talking about, Rias and Akeno smiling.

Kiba looked down at the ground, frowning. And who is that? She looked up and answered, "The guy that gave you that bleeding scar on your face! Yuuto Kiba is the perfect candidate for a hot boyfriend! He's also usually the first to save me before anyone! I'm glad that he's my comrade.

I don't want to be with any other hottie but him! I think you're the perfect boyfriend Yuuto smiled and stood up. Now it was Issei's turn to gasp and blush, her whole face burning red. Despite your perverted tendencies and potty mouth, you're a sweet girl to hang out with, not to mention that you have a strong determination and care a lot about us, even hurting yourself just to protect us I like that in a girl.

She couldn't believe he loved her back. There was the kiss on her forehead before the Ranking Game began, but she thought it was to cheer her up, to get her mind off of what bad things might happen.

To hear him say good things about her like her determination and the fact that she was both cute AND pretty to him She smiled at him, her eyes welling up with happy tears. I love you too. The two now lovers lost their blushes and looked at him angrily. Everyone else lost their smiles as well. He nodded, smiling at her. Plus, I can kiss you deeply, if that's what you want. She couldn't believe he offered her that.

Issei's gauntlet began to glow. She raised it up and it shot circles out of it, making everyone cover their eyes. Issei closed her eyes, smiling and lowering the gauntlet to her eye level. And he'll kiss me deeply! I'll take you down so I can kiss Yuuto-kun!

The female pervert raised her bow and arrow up, her gauntlet shouting, "Explosion! The Cadre-level fallen angel, out of fear, jumped back and shot a light spear at her. She shot her arrow and broke through the spear, blowing up in front of Kokabiel, who screamed and shot back on impact. She then made her bow and arrow disappear to run and punch him several times at the face. He staggered back after her last punch. The lewd and unique host of the Sacred Gear!

Let's follow Issei's lead, everyone! Xenovia readied herself for battle as well. Kokabiel laughed and spread out his wings.

Her Knight Chapter 1, a high school dxd/ハイスクールd×d fanfic | FanFiction

Suddenly, the barrier around the school broke like glass. Everyone was shocked as they saw that and a light coming down. The light then revealed a white figure in armor, spreading his wings out. Issei's body was suddenly trembling and she wondered why. The brown-haired girl's body tensed.

The Welsh Dragon had warned her about this. Suddenly, at the speed of light, the white dragon ripped off a couple of the fallen angel's wings. However, he opened his palm, the actual dragon yelling, "Divide! The fallen angel was aghast along with Issei. The person told him that his name was Albion and that it was one of his abilities of his Sacred Gear: Every ten seconds, it halves the powers of anyone he touches and adds them to his own.

The legends are true, then. He then charged towards Kokabiel and punched him in the stomach so hard, he coughed out blood, telling him that Azazel sent him to bring him back even if he kicks and screams all the way there. He then launched him up a path without letting go of him and then struck him hard into the ground, the magic circle that made the Excaliburs combine into one, go up and disappear, glittering light falling down.

The white dragon man also stated that he needed the stray priest to ask him a few questions, flying to him and grabbed him. Suddenly, the red dragon asked, "Ignoring me, White? We're destined to fight someday. As the white dragon person turned his back to Issei, she shouted, "Hey, wait!

What's the meaning of this?! How about when we get home? My fight still isn-" Issei shook her head. It's over," she interrupted, making him look up at her. Can you call that a happy ending? She smiled, lacing her fingers with his. A-and why are you two holding hands? Issei rubbed the back of her head. The bishop gasped again and blushed. When did you two-" Koneko walked to her and answered, "While you were out, they confessed their love for each other after Kokabiel asked Issei-senpai to join his side and gave her an offer.

How could have missed that?! I wished I woke up earlier! I wanted to see them confess!

yuuto kiba relationship with god

Issei was worrying about Asia, hearing the news of God being dead and all, but she was happy and the devil herself Now Kiba was her boyfriend.

She loved him and he loved her. What could more could she ask?

Holy Demonic Sword

After her lover has been accepted back into the house of Gremory, Issei brought Kiba to her home with Rias and Asia After a long talk with her parents, he was able to stay the night with her, even though her father was mighty concerned about Kiba, despite him saying that he won't do anything raunchy with her.

Now, there they are. The female devil in her pink pajamas with Yuuto embracing her from behind, shirtless and wearing her father's pajama pants he borrowed. She felt a blush run through her cheeks.

Despite so much happening as of the day, it had to be the best day of her life. One of her dreams was achieved: Now all there was is to become a powerful upper-class demon. Oh, and have a Reverse Harem of servants, though she wouldn't do perverted things to them.

Yumi Kiba (The Magic Knight)

After all, her heart belonged to Yuuto Kiba and with his consent, she can do perverted things to him. That suddenly made her think of something: Without a second thought, she said, "Yuuto-kun. The blonde-haired male stirred and opened his eyes. What's the matter, Issei-chan? Think before you speak! He rested his head on her shoulder, making her blush grow, and looked at her. I just realized we hadn't gotten that promised kiss yet," she admitted. He place his hand on her cheek, making her blush expand even more and her body shiver a little.

Issei giggled nervously, nodding. I never kissed anybody before He smiled at her, however, and chuckled a little. So, do you want it to be soft or deep? He did say he got the gist of kissing, so she was a bit relived. She just hoped it wasn't awkward. They were warm and soft, feeling great against the female devil's lips. She closed her eyes as she melded into the kiss. Her body felt warmed by his kiss while her mind went in a frenzy.

She was enjoying it a little too much, becoming a little too desperate to deepen the kiss. But at the same time, she didn't Kiba to feel uncomfortable with her deepening the kiss.

She decided to kiss him back, surprising him a little and wrapping her arms around his neck. For a bit of revenge, he surprised her by licking her lower lip, making her gasp and open her eyes. They broke the kiss, panting a little.

She ran her fingers through her lower lip.

yuuto kiba relationship with god

Yuuto smiled a little. She absolutely loved the kiss, so she nodded, making him press his lips against hers once more, this time a little harder. They both embraced each other tightly while making-out, their chests brushing against each other and the male devil's fingers running through the female devil's long brown hair. As promised, the blonde-haired pretty boy deepened their kiss by letting his tongue into her mouth.

In Volume 15Yuuto accompanies Rias who was staying at the House of Vladi until a Vampire from the House of Tepes asked them to meet the current leader of the Tepes Faction, Valerie Tepesmuch to the surprise of the two. In Volume 16Yuuto and Rias reunited with their friends who came to the Tepes territory.

He later participated in rescuing Valerie from Marius Tepes who attempted to extract the Longinus, Sephiroth Graalfrom Valerie where he and his friends fought against the modified Vampires and Grendel.

After Rizevim turns all of the modified Vampires into mass-produced Evil Dragons, Yuuto and Rossweisse teamed up together to fend off the mass-produced Evil Dragons. Yuuto, along with the other members of the Occult Research Club, went to the Underworld in Volume 17 and participated in the experience day for the school Sona Sitri built located at Auros in the Agares territory. While doing the respective activities assigned to them, Qlippoth managed to surround both Auros and Agreas inside a barrier and announced their intent to attack after a certain period of time.

Before the time was up, they reconfirmed their plan and Yuuto ended up pairing with Tsubaki of the Sitri group and fought against the mass-produced Evil Dragons. Yuuto and the Occult Research Club went to Heaven in Volume 18 to talk to Michael about the Christmas project the alliance is working on. After the meeting, Michael informed them about the death of Church officials and the presence of Evil Dragons were present. Yuuto helped defend Heaven from the attack of Qlippoth.

He was able to successfully defeat a clone with the help of Rossweisse and Akeno. After all the fights were settled, Yuuto and the Occult Research Club celebrated Christmas and it was announced that he will succeed Akeno as the new Vice-President of the club. Issei reminding Yuuto to not die in the upcoming fight In Volume 19Yuuto participated in the fight against the exorcists that rebelled against the Church.

He requested to transfer to the group that would fight against Ewald Cristaldi saying that he doesn't want to fight against him for revenge but as a challenge against the former wielder of Excalibur. Before the fight, Issei reminded him not to take his life for granted and that he should return alive. Struggled in the fight against Ewald after being dosed with enhanced Holy Water, Yuuto almost wielded Gram risking his life-span being devoured by the Demonic Sword, but was stopped by Dulio Gesualdosaying to save that against Qlippoth and hugged Yuuto, seeing him as his brother since he also came from one of the Church facilities.

Dulio used his technique, Speranza Bolla di Sapone, that made Yuuto remember the things important to him. Because of this, Yuuto was able to use a new technique, siphoning the holy aura of the opposing holy sword, and was able to defeat Ewald with the combined efforts of Irina, Dulio and Griselda Quarta.

yuuto kiba relationship with god

After the fight against Ewald, he and Irina transferred over to the field where the Gremory team, Saji, and Arthur was fighting against the group led by Vasco Strada. Yuuto attacked Vasco but the latter was able to easily block Yuuto's sword and crush it his bare hands. After the fight against Strada, Walburga appeared and fought against them and was defeated with their combined efforts. Before Vasco was taken away for interrogation, he introduced a girl from Yuuto's past, Tosca.

Yuuto was overjoyed with their reunion and hugged each other while crying. In Volume 20everyone in Yuuto's year was having a career consultation with the Gremory servant attending the meeting with his teacher. When they discovered the location of Agreas, where the hideout of Qlippoth was based, Yuuto and his friends infiltrated the stolen city. Yuuto, later, assisted Issei and Asia to find their parents by clearing a path through an army of Evil Dragons fighting alongside Irina and Xenovia.

In Volume 21days after Trihexa had been unleashed and wrecking havoc onto the world, Yuuto and his friends joined an army on an island on the coastal waters of Japan to battle Qlippoth's army of Evil Dragons, fake Scale Mails and one of Trihexa's bodies controlled by Apophis. In Volume 22some time after completing their end of semester tests, Kiba and the rest were later seen the club preparing it for the new semester he hands the new president Asia documents for the new school year. They reminisce over the past year and how far they've come in contrast to recent events, Kiba also tells Issei that his friend Tosca will be enrolling in the school and be coming over to the club room after school.

They then discuss plans they have for the future, Kiba in particular plans on saving enough money while working for Rias to open up a cake shop in town after graduating high school. Next weekend, the Gremory group, Vali's team and Issei's parents went on a fishing trip on an inhabited island owned by someone related to them to them. During which, Kiba was with Tosca, showing her the sea whom the young girls was delighted to see vast amount of water for the first time.

He and all of Issei's friends were present during his promotion to a High-Class Devil and later after the graduation ceremony, Kiba was now able to refer to Rias as "Rias-neesan", this however made Akeno a bit jealous as she also wanted them to refer to her as such, Kiba then assured her with a troubled look that they will some day.

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Soon afterwards, he and everyone witnessed Issei proposing to Rias. Following her Angelization by Lancelot, she wears a red "A" printed on her right hand, symbolizing her position as Lance's Ace.

Yumi also gained a pair of white Angel wings and halo. Personality Edit Yumi is a polite and caring individual, which was at first directed towards those younger children who grew up in the same orphanage as herself. Like her adoptive mother, Yumi showed an interest in kenjutsu as a child.

Being adopted and trained by Noami, she grew to respect her as a mother and teacher. As a Knightess of the Chivalric Order, Yumi follows the code of honor that a knight should continue to maintain. Upon meeting Jeanne, who refused to connect with anyone else after her family and old friends were killed and her hometown was burned by stray devils; Yumi has proven to be very stubborn with a never give up attitude as shown as she continued to make attempts at establishing a bond with her.

Once she finally succeeded forming a sisterly bond with Jeanne, the two of them trained with one another daily in order to develop their skills and grow. Despite their strong bond, they would get into arguments with each whenever concerned anything that the other had wanted; most of the time with it concerned Lancelot. Yumi also seems to enjoy teasing those close to her, mainly towards both Lancelot and towards her brother, Kiba who she assumes is the oldest.

History Edit Known as Mariah at birth, Yumi was raised in the Chivalric Order since she was a baby after being brought there by her birth father, while Kiba was taken to the Church by their mother.